Taking Preemie baby photos

Have a preemie and wondering how you can still get your first new born baby photos? We have answers for you.

When you have a preemie, a number of typical first time mama experiences are taken from you. Baby photos does not have to be one of them. Your baby may be a few weeks early or months, what matters is that you capture this special time in their life. 

1. Time your photo shoot around adjusted age of within 2-3 weeks around what your due date was. Typically if you had already booked a photographer, this makes no change. My son’s photo shoot was done when he was 70 days old, making him a few weeks past his due date. As long as you stay close to your expected due date, your baby should be easy going and nap through the shoot giving you adorable photos. If your baby is much past your expected due date, they have more awake time making it a bit harder of a photo shoot. 

2. Let your photographer know the situation. This allows them to make sure the photo shoot area is germ free or perhaps they can do the shoot in your own home. 

3. Make sure to capture your NICU baby/first nursery experience. As joyful and awful the NICU experience is, it will be a blur one day and having some photos will be a precious keepsake. At the time I didn’t want any photos from our NICU experience, and it took me over a year to be able to look at them. But now I’m so grateful I have them. Tip: Hospitals often have baby NICU photographers who will take photos or they will allow you to arrange this yourself. If not, use your iPhone and snap away your own personal shots. Be sure to only take photos of your baby. 

4. Have fun! Let go, and enjoy the newborn photo shoot. It might be hard to have someone else handle your baby after you finally got home with your baby, but enjoy! It is a treat for you and your family to capture this special moment. 

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