Gender reveal party ideas

You made the decision to find out the sex of your baby – congratulations! This is a very exciting time! For my first baby, I kept traditional and didn’t find out. But for my second, I mixed things up as I knew I wanted to be ready for baby number two!

How to find out: At your 18-22 week ultrasound. You can have the ultrasound technician tell you or have them write the gender in an envelope which you can use to  look at later in private or give to a balloon store,  cake decorator, etc. We chose to find out in the ultrasound. There is something special about finding that news out with your partner when you can view your baby in real time. This also gave us time to internalize and process the good news. 

    Ideas for the gender reveal party: Whether you already know the gender or plan to be surprised during the party, we’ve listed some top ideas: 

    1. Big black balloon with pink or blue glitter inside
    2. Decorated box with pink or blue balloons inside
    3. Cake or cupcakes with pink or blue icing inside
    4. Opening a gift with a girl or boy baby outfit
    5. Hitting a bat to a ball with powder inside
    6. Pulling pink or blue from a mini wishing well

    When to have your gender reveal party: 
    Pick a few days or even a week after the ultrasound. When you invite your friends, be sure to tell them that the party date depends on if the little one reveals itself during the ultrasound! Have a back up date in mind. We went with a Friday at 5:30-7:30 p.m. Keep in mind the event goes by fast!

    Party schedule: Keep the food and entertainment simple. But have fun! Let people know in advance what time you will do the actual reveal so they aren’t late.  If you already know the gender, keep conversation during the party light as people will try to get the information from you. 

    Sample party timeline:

    5:30- welcome and guests vote the sex

    5:50- guests eat and socialize

    6:10- announce that reveal will start soon (this allows people to get cameras out, go to the bathroom etc)

    6:15- best reveal ever!!!!

    6:20- Jell-O shots

    6:30- more food, cake, decor

    Party decor and food ideas:

    • Themed invites
    • Gender voting station
    • Moustache or hearts with pins for guests to wear what they guess
    • Photo of ultrasound
    • Theme table of pink and blue
    • Pink and blue coolaide
    • Pink and blue cupcakes or other desert treats
    • Beer for boys, coolers for girls
    • Old wive’s tale poster 
    • Pink and blue napkins, plates, etc. 

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