Farewell my baby, hello big brother! 

My first born, my other half, my night time cuddles, my smile, my everything. It’s amazing how difficult it is to embrace change. While I’m very excited to meet our newest addition, there is however, a part of me that is saddened by the thought of how things will be different – my threesome pod of mom, dad, and my baby boy will become four. 

Will I be able to give both my kids the same amount of love and attention? Will I get the same deep bond with both? Will my oldest feel abandoned when I can’t play because we have a newborn? Will I be able to handle motherhood of two little ones?

The answer is, of course! But the reality is, things will be different. There is a very unique bond you build with your first child.  So as you prepare for the exciting arrival of baby number two, consider the following ideas to make the transition easier.

  1. Have a date with your first born. Go to the zoo, go swimming, whatever is special for you both. Spend an entire day completely devoted to your little one. No phone, no friends. Just you and your babe! 
  2. Have a second date with your first born and include dad. Dad will be experiencing change also, let’s not forget about him. This will help him cherish special moments also. 
  3. Share your feelings. Feel free to share your thoughts, fears, and excitement with your partner in advance. This way you can all relate and work together on any obstacles. 
  4. Involve your toddler in baby preparation. This will help both you and your first born get used to the idea of sharing with the new baby. This could include; setting up the nursery, shopping for baby items, stocking up on groceries, etc. The age of your first born will really help determine what baby preparation activities you do together. 
  5. Finish your first borns baby book. Once baby comes along, it will be more difficult to spend quality time on this. 
  6. Write your first born keepsake letters. These letters capture important memories and messages for your first born to open when they are older. Keep these in a safe place, like a safe or timecapsule box. Be sure to date when you wrote them!
  7. Think about timing of other changes. For example, try not to potty train, switch your toddlers bedroom, change child care all at the same time when baby is expected to arrive. 
  8. Spend some time alone. Get a sitter and do something for yourself before things get busy at home again. 
  9. Go on a date with your partner. Take time to enjoy each others company and remember what alone time feels like. It’s smart to continue dates through your life…not just one time historical date events. 

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