7 gift ideas for new preemie parents

Have a friend or relative who has a preemie? We put together top gifts preemie moms and dads could really use.

For mom and dad:

  1. Baby friendly lotion/moisturizer for their hands (which will get dry from all the hand sanitizer and hand washing)
  2. Journal and pens for the parents to mark each milestone/day
  3. New receiving blankets/baby clothes, other new baby type gifts
  4. Gift cards for nearbye restaurants
  5. Food dropped off frequently: meals, snacks, coffee, anything!                                
  6. Milestone/foot print maker
  7. Encouraging words/poster/bookmark to keep handy at the NICU for strength

Tip: Whenever you visit the NICU, come freshly washed, fresh clean clothing and make sure that you and your family are not sick. Wash your hands before entering the baby’s bed area and feel free to let the parents know all the precautions you took – it will put them at ease so they can enjoy your visit. 

This blog does not receive advertisement sponsorship. Any product photos were selected to provide sample ideas based on writers preference at the time.

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