Trimming your baby’s nails

Best way to trim your baby’s nails

Trimming your baby’s nails is important, but doing it wrong could be painful. This blog outlines the best way to trim your baby’s finger nails, and why you shouldn’t use nail clippers or your mouth!

Avoid nail clippers! Easy to accidently clip your baby’s finger and can lead to an awful morning. 

Honestly, it is so easy to accidently clip your baby’s finger. I accidently clipped the top of my baby’s thumb when he was 6 months old, and the poor boy was bleeding. He was crying, I was crying. Everyone was crying. It was awful! At the time, he was also obsessed with biting his thumb, so he re-opened the wound. I put a Band-Aid over it during one of his naps, but then quickly realized that it can be a choking hazard. When I ran back upstairs, the Band-Aid was already off. Thankfully, it was only a close call and he didn’t swallow it!

Don’t use your mouth.  You could pass on harmful bacteria or germs to your child.  

  • It’s your baby, you carried him/her in your womb, so why would it be wrong to use your mouth? Your baby does not have the same ability as you to ward of harmful germs that you may be carrying. Even if you feel healthy, you may have contracted something and just don’t know it yet. Play it safe. Babies put their hands in their mouth so be sanitary and don’t use your mouth! This was a big no-no at the NICU even for breastfeeding mamas.

The solution – use a glass crystal nail file! This will be one of the most life changing baby products you will purchase. 

  • A glass crystal nail file, if used properly, is safer than nail clippers and more hygienic than your mouth (if you keep it clean of course!). It’s also amazingly way more relaxing to use. I put my baby on my lap and he is easily entertained as I work at each finger with the glass crystal nail file. You can also use it during breastfeeding as I find babies are so occupied they don’t fuss at all during this time. The crystal in the nail file allows you to maneuver with fine detail, leaving your baby’s nails soft and smooth! Just how they should be.

Shopping List: Which one to buy? I love using the Sephora crystal nail file (comes in pink and purple). I have also seen similar nail files on Amazon. Your local beauty boutique may also have some.

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