Monthly milestone photos and DIY baby keepsakes

DIY baby monthly milestone photos and baby keepsakes – three easy steps

  • Level of Difficulty: *
  • Cost: $0 for monthly photo shoots
  • Preparation Time: 1-3 minutes each month
  • Helpers: Optional

Why do it? You baby grows up so fast. One of the best ways to capture those precious moments is by taking monthly milestone photo’s. By using the same backdrop, photo prop and placement of your baby, you can create visual milestones that capture the amazing progress your baby has had throughout his/her first year of life.

Step 1: Pick location/backdrop, photo props and baby placement

  • Pick location/backdrop: Whether this be your living room couch, master bedroom, baby’s crib, or simply baby laying on his/her newborn blanket – pick something that suits you and your baby. This location/backdrop should not change over the year. I went with the nursery room chair. It was in a location that was easy access, close to the crib and change pad.
  • Select photo props: This is important. Having a photo prop, such as a stuffed animal really helps amplify the growth your baby has had when put next together over the course of 12 months! We went with Tiger. Tiger was one of the first stuff animals our baby received from my mom when he was still in the NICU, so there was meaning behind that selection. And…besides, who doesn’t love Tiger. We also got monthly milestone blocks to help visually identify what month we were at for each photo. This is very helpful later on when you want to create a mosaic/art from your milestone photos.
  • Baby placement: Determine how and where you will place your baby in the photo. Snug into a corner is good placement for two reasons. 1. Safety 2. Your baby can’t really sit up by themselves until a few more months so the corner actually helps prop your baby up.

Step 2: Select camera, take monthly photos, be consistent.

  • Select camera: If you have a professional camera that can take quick shots…great – use that! However, I highly support the iPhone. It is so easy to snap quick photo’s with and you are sure to get a smile! It is also easy to put down and pick back up in case you need a photo adjustment which is sure to happen!
  • Take monthly photos: This should start the month following the day your baby was born and end on his 1st birthday. So if he was born June 4th, his first month photo would be taken July 4th.
  • Be consistent: Take your photo the same time of day, or/or take each photo with the blinds shut and all the lights on. Try to take each photo in the same angle and distance away from your baby every month. This helps to create a really cool mosaic down the road. For us, our baby was still in the NICU which is why the first two months are not consistent. I think it’s still cute though.

Step 3: Create mosaic, collage, art keepsakes from your baby’s monthly milestone photo’s

  • Wow it’s been a year already!  You now have 12 amazing photo’s that mark your babies first year of development. There are many ways to create a meaningful keepsakes from your babies monthly milestone photos.
  • Here are just a few to help get your creative juices flowing.  Have fun with this. 
    1. Birthday clothes line display: Print each photo on 5 by 5 inches of photo paper and tape to the back of string of your choice. This provides a really cool décor for his first birthday party.  birthday clothes line
    2. Heart shaped collage: Take each monthly photo, and compliment them with other photo’s you have taken throughout the year to create a really cool looking heart photo. Print on 3.5 by 3.5 or 4 by 4 inches. This is something you can hang in a frame later in your babies room, or keep in your babies keepsake box. Picture1
    3. Photo overlay:  Print each photo on 3.5 by 3.5 inches of baby with a white border. Get a large white frame. Put newborn/family photo within the large frame and overlay with string your monthly milestone photo’s. This looks super cool. photo overlay baby milestone

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